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How Do You Make Sure You Have the Correct Products?

AAA Home Design has coded its SKU Numbers so that you will know exactly which products you are ordering.

Cabinet Style:
CA - Cherry Antique
CHG- Chocolate Glaze
CS- Cinnamon Shaker
CO- Coffee Glaze
CRG- Creme Glaze
MS- Maple Spice
ME- Mocha Elite
OH- Oak Honey
SE- Shaker Espresso
WC- Walnut Cherry
WS- White Shaker

Please review your products to make sure that you have the cabinets you desire in your shopping cart.

For type of cabinet, the SKU Number will be as follows:
A- Base Cabinets
B- Wall Cabinets
C-  Pantry and Oven Pantry Cabinets
D- Accessories
E- Vanity Cabinets

Our SKU will read as follows:
This is a Cherry Antique Base Cabinet, number TB09.

We aim to make your experience with us the best, so do not hessitate to contact us if you have any questions.





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