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Assembly of Cabinets

AAA Home Design cabinets arrive in boxes ready for assembly unless other arrangements have been made. Each cabinet comes with screws, brackets and instructions needed for assembly. Even the screws to attach to the wall are included.

There are simple instructions included and simple tools are needed - no cuts are required . In general, the solid wood face frame is the last part to be assembled. Most cabinets take approximately 15 – 30 minutes to assemble with proper tools (Screw gun with screw tips and drill bits, Phillip head and flat head screwdriver, rubber mallet, finish hammer are generally the tools needed).

Always assemble your cabinets on soft surfaces (blankets, foam, etc.) to protect them from damage during assembly.


Cabinet Construction

When we say all wood, we mean it!

AAA Home Design's cabinets are beautiful and are built to stand the test of time. With incredible durability and strength that is unparalleled in stock cabinets offer today. Quality and value come together to make AAA Home Design's Cabinets one of the best choices on the market.

 Why AAA Home Design Cabinets? 


AAA Home Design Cabinets   


Cabinet Box
  • All Plywood Box
  • Laminated Particle Board & Engineered Wood
Cabinet Sides
  • 1/2" Plywood Sides
  • 3/8" or 1/2" Laminated Particle Board or 
    Engineered Wood
Back Panel
  • 3/8" full height cabinet plywood
  • 1/4" panel with MDF hand rails
Top & Bottom Shelves
  • 1/2" Captured Four Sides
  • 1/2" Engineered Wood
Drawer Box
  • 5/8" Dovetailed, Hardwood
  • 1/2" Depth 
Drawer Glide
  • All Styles with Soft Close Under Mount
  • Side Mount (Visible)
Hinge for Doors
  • 6-Way Adjustable Concealed
  • 4-Way Adjustable Concealed


For the “Do it Yourselfers”, we have included some guidelines to help you install your cabinets.

  1. Before you unpack and assemble your cabinets verify that the layout will work in your new kitchen. For your convenience, we have included a grid sheet to use for your kitchen layout (each square = 6 inches). Just cut it, paste it and print it. Be sure to include the dimensions of your doors, windows and appliances (usual openings – dishwasher -24” wide, Refrigerator – 30” to 36” wide with most heights at about 70” to 73”, Ranges – 30” to 36” wide, Wall Ovens and Double Wall Ovens – vary in width and height, Hoods - 30” to 36” with varying heights, Microwave shelves – 18” to 30” wide with varying heights, Microwave Oven/Hood Vent Combos – 30” wide with a height from 12” to 20” . Click here to download the grid sheet and see our samples on this page.
  2. Verify the boxes of cabinets and accessories are exactly what you ordered.
  3. Check your floor for levelness and start in the highest corner and keep the cabinets level with the first installed cabinet by using shims to keep them level.
  4. Cabinets should be screwed to the studs in the wall and the cabinets can be screwed to each other by pre-drilling the face frames top and bottom using additional screws.
  5.  Each installed cabinet should be level with each other. Make sure that the spaces between cabinets for appliances (Dishwasher, Range, Trash Compactor, Etc,) are adequate for appliance installation.
  6. Once the base cabinets have been installed start the wall cabinets by measuring up from the base cabinets and making a level line where the wall cabinets are to be installed. This line should be at the bottom of the wall cabinets.
  7. Again, the wall cabinets should be started in a corner or attached to a wall pantry cabinet.
  8. As each wall cabinet is installed, be sure to keep them level with each other and they can be attached to each other through the face frames (similar to attaching base cabinets to each other).
  9. After wall cabinets are installed the shelves can be installed.
  10. Crown Molding, Light Rails, and other accessories can now be installed.

Note: Most counter-tops require a rough top (plywood or particle board) which is not furnished with cabinets as there are different types of rough top.

DISCLAIMER:  The above are only guidelines and how you install your cabinets is up to you. We do recommend that you hire a licensed contractor for the installation of your cabinets. AAA Home Design  accepts no responsibility for any installation. 


Wood Characteristics

Maple is a fine, tight closed grain, with a very hard, fine-textured, and moderately tough and strong wood. With color like creamy white to off white with tinged sapwood that is light in color, and occasionally with slight red brown heartwood. Maple finishes well and also takes a stain very well. A first class foundation for enamel finishes because of its even, close grain texture and uniform color and absorption.


Sample Installation Diagram and Cabinet List

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See the  sample installation diagram and cabinet list to create your own diagram and list.



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How Do You Make Sure You Have the Correct Products?

AAA Home Design has coded its SKU Numbers so that you will know exactly which products you are ordering.

Cabinet Style:
CA - Cherry Antique
CHG- Chocolate Glaze
CS- Cinnamon Shaker
CO- Coffee Glaze
CRG- Creme Glaze
MS- Maple Spice
ME- Mocha Elite
OH- Oak Honey
SE- Shaker Espresso
WC- Walnut Cherry
WS- White Shaker

Please review your products to make sure that you have the cabinets you desire in your shopping cart.

For type of cabinet, the SKU Number will be as follows:
A- Base Cabinets
B- Wall Cabinets
C-  Pantry and Oven Pantry Cabinets
D- Accessories
E- Vanity Cabinets

Our SKU will read as follows:
This is a Cherry Antique Base Cabinet, number TB09.

We aim to make your experience with us the best, so do not hessitate to contact us if you have any questions.





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